Wednesday, 2 March 2016

KCW February 2016

To wrap up the last Kids' Clothes Week, somewhat less productive than the previous ones that I took part in, I have, apart from the polka dot skirt, two more things to show:
First, another skirt for Petite Mademoiselle -
- made in a lovely thin, turquoise baby cord with flowers, and a ribbon just above the hem:
I kept it very simple, just a gathered skirt, the fabric being quite attention-catching in itself :-) I have some left and think I will make a little dress with it; something with a simple cut, too, maybe a pinnafore dress..? I really like those colours on her :-)
The next, and last thing made this week is a slightly different kettle of fish, an idea stuck in my head for some time now; it was not, strictly speaking, a KCW project, since those are meant to be children's garments. However, I couldn't concentrate on any garments while this idea was running through my head, so I just went ahead with it; besides, this KCW's topic being toys, it seemed quite appropriate :-)  
Meet Clémentine, a.k.a. Miss Pamplemousse :-) but that is for the next post, soon!!