Tuesday, 21 April 2015

KCW Day 1: the Fox T-shirt

I've had this lovely medium-stretch jersey in my stash for about a year now, originally bought (a leftover for sale) to make pyjamas for my little boy but soon realized it was too small for that.. but we both loved the print, and when I saw the theme for this KCW, I knew it was time to take it out!
So first, a somewhat gloomy picture of the finished T-shirt, taken at night - I can't resist to take the picture the moment I finish the garment, but seeing as I usually sew in the evenings..:-/
And then some pics taken this morning in much better light, Petit Beau Gosse delighted to find a new T-shirt (full of foxes! yay!) waiting for him to wear :-)

Incidentally, I totally realize I have been blessed with a wonderful child that not only relishes the fact that I actually make clothes for him (he likes to watch me work and would also like to learn to sew..!! I guess I should make hay before the gender stereotypes kick in!) but will even pose for me in the said clothes in the morning before setting off for the maternelle.. :-o
We don't call him Petit Beau Gosse for nothing, after all :-)

Oh, the pattern is a long-sleeved Tee from Ottobre, but I can't seem to find the issue it comes from and didn't note down the name.. but just a basic T-shirt, really. Will add the name if I find it.


  1. Troooop cuuuute! Love the foxes!! T'as raison, apprends-lui maintenant avant que ça ne l'intéresse plus, t'as peut-être le futur John Galliano (version beau gosselol) ;)

  2. Ahahaha! C'est vrai! D'ailleurs, suite a un annif de petite copine dont le cadeau il a trop kiffe, je viens de lui offrir un carnet de gommettes ou tu choisis les tenues de mannequins selon l'occasion donnee (vetements en stickers, et le dessin est vraiment super, j'ai envie de le lui piquer :-o) et il adore! :-D