Friday, 1 May 2015


I missed the KCW Days 6-7 post, on purpose really as this is a gift not yet received, so I need to keep it secret for the time being :-) Instead, I would show you a recent make that I haven't had the time to photograph before:
In preparation for sunny weather (one can always hope, right?) I made a hat for Petite Mademoiselle, and as I couldn't decide on the fabric (big polka dots or pink with tiny white ones??), I used both and made it reversible. What do you think??
The pattern is the capeline from Les Intemporels, but I considerably reduced the width of the brim which is extra wide. I find the width gives it a lovely, quirky look, but could be annoying for the baby if it is not used to wearing hats in the first place. One could also pin it up with a fabric button or flower or something, but anyway, here I went all practical and shortened it, though it still retains some of the original 'elegant lady's hat' style :-)
I can't decide which side I like better, so I'll just keep switching it around I think.

And a little session of gymnastics (with a kitchen paper roll, a staple toy around here):
Now we just need the sun!

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